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FINALIST - Best Director Award - 2021 (1).png
NOMINEE - Falcon International Film Festival - 2021 (1).png
HONORABLE MENTION - Screen Power Film Festival - 2021.png
HONORABLE MENTION - London International Monthly Film Festival - 2022 (2).png
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Solus movie poster with Dan Deluca

Taking some time to try clear his head in a remote location, Daniel finds himself in a state of repetitiveness as the days continue to pass and finding comfort with a peculiar friend. He begins to discover that spending too much time on his own may not have been such a good idea.

Dan Deluca Solus
Dan Deluca Solus
Dan Deluca Solus


Wombats movie poster with Dan Deluca and Millie Hayward

A 'fly-on-the-wall" mockumentary series following the lives of the work-shy Maggie, her mischievous colleague Will and a whole host of other weird and wacky employees. Full of crazy antics, hilarious off beat and often dry humour, Ink World finally opens its doors to its respected customers for a glimpse of what it truly takes to change the world one pen at a time, with a few surprises along the way.

Wombats Short Film
Wombats short film Dan Deluca.jpg
Wombats Short Film Dan Deluca, Millie Hayward, Frank Scarito.jpg


ALWAYS A JOY Poster.png

Dramatic short film currently in pre-production. 



Writing has started on the horror thriller THE FAIRY MAN. 

A troubled police detective must overcome his own demons to capture a ritualistic killer. Sometimes to seek justice you need to cross the line, but how far can it go? 



Writing has started on the action feature HINTERLAND. 

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