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We understand the importance of creating a showreel that reflects the unique talents of each actor. You will be working with a multi-award nominated filmmaker to create a truly one-of-a-kind scene that shows off your best features to make a lasting impression to agents, casting directors and other industry professionals.

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  • Initial consultation

  • Filmed in 4K

  • Full post-production including colour grading and sound.

  • You provide any props, costume, additional actor and location which must be free for us to use. 

  • Original script included which is tailored to you.




  • Initial consultation

  • Filmed on a 4k camera, along with scene specific lighting and sound recording software. 

  • Carefully constructed and directed to showcase YOU.

  • Full post-production with an initial first draft for your own personal viewing and feedback.

  • Colour grading and sound.

  • You provide any props, costumes, additional actor, location which must be free for us to use. 

  • Buy two scenes and get the third half price! 



              PER SCENE


                ONE SCENE




                 TWO SCENES



            THREE SCENES 






ORIGINAL SCRIPT - £15 per script

ACTOR HIRE - £50 per actor


(Pre-existing footage)



Taylors' Fan
I Can't, You Can
Getting Closer
New Years Surprise
Ray of Hope
An Interesting Read
Catch Up
Mums' Birthday


Working with Duoviri films was a smooth and supportive experience from the first meeting and through the whole process. Dan is so lovely and makes everyone feel at ease – this led to brilliant results. Definitely recommend this wonderful company!

Rhianna Compton

I was in a funny comedy scene with my friend for our showreels, written and filmed by the lovely guys of Duoviri Films. They made us feel at ease and gave direction well where needed. The script was very good and what I was looking for. Talented guys and hope to work with in future. 

Andrea Sandell

Thank you so much! You really took on everything I said and made the video I was after I love it! 

Katie Cannon

I had a fantastic experience working with Dan and Hannah at Duoviri Films! They really understood the vision of my writing and acting style whilst bringing their own wonderful creativity to my showreel scene. They were professional, affordable and patient throughout and Dan kept in constant contact from the off. I received a draft of my scene within days after filming and I couldn’t be happier with the result. 5/5.


 Kelly Griffiths

What to expect from the shoot

Click 'Read more' to find out - We are based in Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire. - Prior to filming we will discuss your casting type, age etc. And will advise you on what type of scene would be best for you.  - All scenes will either be monologues or duologues at around a 1.5 minute from a script written by you. (Or we can create a tailored one for you. See additional services) - Filming can take around 3-4 hours per scene. We start with rehearsal, then begin shooting on location. It is possible to shoot at least two scenes per day. - You are responsible for sourcing other required actors, props, costume and anything other relating to the shoot and we have to shoot in a location that we have free access to do so in. (Please enquire for additional services)  - During the editing process you will be sent an initial first draft of the scene, if there is any feedback from you to take into account, we will implement the changes you want and you will then receive a second edit.

All our showreel packages require a £50 deposit with booking and then the final amount paid in full on the day. 

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