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An actors headshot is their best weapon followed by their showreel, these are the items that can separate you from the rest and showcase your talent to agents, casting directors and other industry professionals. We carefully plan with you to ensure we get the best from you, working towards your strengths and casting type to help push your career forward all the while ensuring you do not bankrupt yourself in the process! 

What to expect from the shoot

Click 'Read more' to find out - We are based in Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire. - Prior to filming we will discuss your casting type, age etc. And will advise you on what type of scene would be best for you.  - All scenes will either be monologues or duologues at around a 1.5 minute from a script written by you. (Or we can create a custom one. See below for additional services) - Filming can take around 3-4 hours per scene. We start with rehearsal, then begin shooting on location. It is possible to shoot at least two scenes per day. - You are responsible for sourcing other required actors, props, costume and anything other relating to the shoot and we have to shoot in a location that we have free access to do so in. (Please enquire for additional services)  - During the editing process you will be sent an initial first draft of the scene, if there is any feedback from you to take into account, we will implement the changes you want and you will then receive a second edit.


In this package we will help you find relevant actors along with finding locations.​


             PER SCENE


  Edit of existing footage



Original bespoke scene written by one of our professional script writers. 

                   £10 per script

For additional extras please enquire and we will be happy to discuss.


This service is based upon you providing your own own actors/ props/ locations etc.



All our showreel packages require a £20 deposit with booking and then the final amount paid in full on the day. 

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